Who is helping Zarrukh Adashev in his sparring fights?

Another Uzbek UFC fighter , Zarrukh Adashev, will fight on November 14 as part of the UFC Fight Night 182 tournament. As you may be aware, Zarrukh’s second appearance in the UFC will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Of course, this battle is very important for him... Because, due to the defeat in the debut fight, victory in this is as necessary as water and air. Realizing this, Adashev is seriously preparing.

We approached him with questions about how his training process was going, weight issues, and who his sparring partners were.


- You know, everyone understands that this fight is very important for me. The reason is obvious. I have to prove that the failure of my first fight was a coincidence. No problem with weight. Because I had a lot of time, not three days like in my first fight, and again ... Jeff Molina will also make his debut. Therefore, there must be a lot of passion in him. That is why I am preparing for this battle with all my strength. Everything is going well. My main sparring partner is my brother Shokhrukh Adashev and he helps me a lot. My brother also achieved good results in the amateur direction in the lightweight category and he is also on the verge of signing a contract with professional promoters. I think everything will be fine and we will please our people, our fans with a beautiful victory.

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