Zarrukh Adashev will have his next fight in the UFC. The opponent and date are known

The next opponent of Uzbek UFC fighter Zarrukh Adashev and the date of the fight became clear. Adashev will have his second fight at the UFC Fight night tournament on November 14 in Las Vegas. He will face American Jeff Molina.

Molina has fought 10 times during his career, winning 8 of them and losing 2. It should also be added that Molina’s fight against Adashev will be her debut in the UFC promotion.

Molina won his contract in the UFC after beating Jacob Silva by decision in the Contender Series. The flyweight is on a seven-win streak. "The Boss" stands out for his balance both standing and on the mat, with 3 for KO / TKO and 4 for completion.

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