"I didn't want to go there because I still want to play football" or Bobur Yuldashev was convinced by 95 percent

As we reported on our website yesterday, the talented defender Bobur Yuldashev has decided to leave the club after three years in the FC AGMK. He will spend the new season in FC Kizilkum. In an interview with Sports.uz, the footballer first spoke about the reasons for leaving FC AGMK.

- I worked in the club FC AGMK for three years. I just wanted to change the environment. I decided to move to another club. I remember three years in FC Almalik very well. When we gathered for the first year at FC AGMK, we were a middle-class team and we took the 8th place. A year later, we finished the season in 3rd place. We repeated the same result last year. That's why I wouldn't say that my work there was bad. I made some friends there. I worked with new coaches. Of course, this will be useful in my future work. I have a very good impression of FC AGMK. Thanks to the team for everything!

- What is your plan for the new season?

- So far, we have reached a verbal agreement. If I am lucky, I will start the season in Navoi, in FC Kizilkum.


- In fact, what do you think about Hamid Aktamov's proposal?

- Of course, I will respond to this invitation. Last year, the club issued an offer before the New Year. I thought about this proposal. I went to Mirjalol Kasimov and talked about it. He understood me correctly and wished me luck. Unknown footballers gather in FC Kizilkum. There are players who play for Lokomotiv and we played with them. I think that this year a good team will be formed in FC Kizilkum. The club has set only high goals. That intrigued me.


- In the new season we will see FC Kyzylkum with a different look. How much did they convince you of their purpose?

- I can say that he was 95% convinced. Because I know the players in the club. The new players also reached an agreement with the team. We are moving towards the goal, the rest is from God. Only Uzbek football will benefit from the increase in the number of such teams. In particular, if the number of clubs fighting for the championship increases, the competition will be even better. As the competition intensifies, the intrigue of the championship will intensify and the interest will increase

- Were there a lot of offers for you?

- I wouldn't say no. Every year I had options from abroad. But I did not want to leave. The championships of those countries are lower than ours. It would be better for me to stay and continue my work.


- From which countries were you interested?

- As every year, there have been offers from the first league of Qatar, championships such as India, Bangladesh and Malaysia. As you can see, he says his name ... I still have time to play in such places.

- So, their financial opportunities did not attract you?

- Of course, everyone is more interested in the financial side. It is true that their offer is better than ours financially. Frankly, I still didn't want to go there because I wanted to play football. Whether you want to go to those champions or not, it can have a small impact on your performance.


- Moreover, FC Kizilkum has satisfied you in every battle ...

- Yes, every side. By the way, good footballers are gathering. They say we will bring a good coach. Definitely satisfying. It is enough for a football player to have a well-formed and winning team. Such a player enjoys everything else.

- When will the contract be signed?

- I will join the club soon. It will be clear in the coming days.


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