Interview with Vitaliy Levchenko

Vitaly Levchenko, appointed head coach of Neftchi, has made a good impression over the past time. He was able to show that he is a really good level specialist. He was able to give confidence to the Ferghana people, despite the fact that Neftchi will arrive in half a season.

Now the foreign coach himself will make up the squad for next year and has already started this work. Vitaly Grigorievich is now trying to make plans for the new season without leaving Fergana, despite the fact that he has a vacation.

In addition, there are other clubs that want to see Levchenko in their team. You can read the rest in an interview with this journalist .

- Vitaly Grigoryevich, are you disappointed with the season or vice versa?

- The season was much more intense for us. We could have scored a lot of points, especially in the first round. However, this did not happen. Thus, we remained in 13th place. We spent the second round in a pretty upbeat mood. The most important thing is that we were able to cope with the task of preserving Neftchi's positions in the Super League. But we still have a lot to do ahead. Although there is still a lot to do before the start of the new season, from now on we need to make a preparation plan.

- I heard you got a bunch of offers. In particular, clubs from Kazakhstan are interested in your service...

- Yes, there were offers. But negotiations were started on the continuation of cooperation with my current club. Therefore, I also had time to talk with the head of the region on this issue.

- Nurillio Tokhtasinov is now a new Neftchi player?

- Yes, that's right.

- Who invited him to the club? You or someone else?

- I called him. We all talked, agreed, and the contract was signed.

- Are there any players who have attracted your attention again?

- Yes there is. We are negotiating with them. Since no contracts have been signed yet, I cannot answer your question in detail.

- Is Ehsoni Panshanbeh on your list?

- Yes, there is. But all this depends primarily directly on him. We have made our proposal. Agreeing or rejecting is now their job.

- Are there any other players who left Neftchi after the end of their contract?

- We have released Kuttiboev, Stanoevich and Konyukhov. The rest of the players are currently here at the club.

- What task can be set for the club for the new season?

- It's hard for me to say something right now. As I said above, there is still a lot to be done. If we can formulate the composition, then naturally, the task will also be set in a certain order.

Shukhratbek Zhuraev.


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