Rustam Saidov: My Malaysian boxers will also take part in the Paris Olympics

Rustam Saidov, a former boxer who won a bronze medal at the Olympics and the World Championships, is an Asian champion and winner of the Asian Games and currently works as a coach in Malaysia.

We contacted this specialist and had a brief conversation about his activities and plans there.

- Rustam Tukhtasinovich, how did you start working in Malaysia?

- It's just that the information about me was correct and they offered me a contract.

- Has a contract been signed with the Malaysian Boxing Federation or a club?

- With the Malaysian Boxing Federation.

- So, are you a coach for the Malaysian national team?

- Yes, I became the head coach of the national team.

- How long is the contract?

- For two years now.

- According to the information, did your disciples succeed in any tournament?

- Yes, my boxers in 49, 52, 56, 69 and 91 kg became the champions of the Malaysian championship.

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- Malaysian championships? After all, given that you are a national team coach, I find it a little harder to understand…?

- You know, I do a few things individually. That is, I want to form them under our boxing school. Exactly, among those under my control, this weight class became the champion.

- Do you intend to hold joint trainings with the national team of Uzbekistan as soon as possible?

- If we are lucky, we are planning such a camp in June or July.

- Have any of your students got a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics?

- No. Everyone knows that boxing is very low here. Now I am determined to lift boxing in this country. If I am lucky, my Malaysian students will also take part in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

- Thank you for taking the time and we wish you success in your endeavors!

- Thank you. I also congratulate all our on the holy month of Ramadan!

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