Who is the strongest fighter in MMA history? Uzbek MMA representatives respond

 Who are the best fighters in MMA history? We were interested in the opinion of our compatriots in the world of MMA.

               Nodir Kadyrov - the president of the Asian region of the Akhmat League

- If we look at the statistics and facts, I would definitely say Khabib Nurmagomedov. Fans make up the vast majority of those with skills such as audience, technical skill, spectator fighting, endurance, strong punches. However, I would answer this question as Khabib anyway. In Uzbekistan, we still have to work harder.


                                                       Ayubkhan Kamalov - MMA fighter

- Undoubtedly, Khabib Nurmagomedov ... True, Fedor Emelyanenko was also very strong in his time. But Nurmagomedov is more perfect than him. Almost no mistakes. John Jones can also be mentioned. But I would be wrong to say that Habib is the first among them.


                      Gulbahor Amantaeva - former MMA fighter, champion of Pankration and Pride

- There are many such fighters. Not one, but a strong six from my ranking.
1. Amanda Nunes
2. Holly Holm
3. Khabib Nurmagomedov
4. Jorge Masvidal
5. Daniel Korme
6. Kamar Usman.


                                                  Amin Ergashev - MMA fighter

- Now, it is clear that everyone will answer this question as Khabib. True, he is unmatched in his weight ... But I think otherwise. If we look at a little history, in the heavyweight category, Mexican Kane Velasquez had his fights. He is a former UFC champion. If you pay attention to the Mexicans fights, youll admire his tenacity. It is also distinguished by its spectatorship. He had defeated Brock Lesnar to become the champion. He then lost to Dos Santos. He later won two battles with him. I mean, the trilogy between them was a lot of fun. I also admire Velasquez for losing weight. With a natural weight of 130 kg, it can drop close to 110 kg near the fight. Losing 20 kg is not too easy. Unfortunately, he suffered a knee injury and was unable to fight for several years. His return later failed. He lost to Verdum and Ngannou . But with his technique and fighting style, he was able to win the love of many fans. Among them, I also consider Kane to be the strongest athlete in the history of MMA. Of course, this is my personal opinion!

Амин Эргашев

                                                      Azamat Nuftillaev - MMA fighter

- There is no equivalent to Fedor Emelyanenko, who is known worldwide as the "Last Emperor." He was a "terrible" warrior at the time. Among the Uzbeks, Muzaffar Rajabov!


                                                       Mansur Tugizbaev - MMA fighter, referee and coach

- In fact, there have been many strong athletes in this sport and they continue to do so. They are all great fighters from each other. Some are unique in the "stand", some are unique in the "floor" ... However, I consider John Jones, who is perfect in all respects, to be the strongest in history and today. Of course, these are my personal views.


                                                         Sirojiddin Eshonbaev - MMA fighter

- I know Royce Grace of Brazil, the master of jiu-jitsu and submission, who was once known for his amazing fights in the UFC, Pride promotions, as the best fighter in history.


                                                          Farrukh Madaminov - MMA coach

- First of all, I would like to mention Fedor Emelyanenko. It is not in vain that he is called the "Last Emperor." For a long time the championship came without giving it to anyone. That in itself proves how strong he is. Khabib Nurmagomedov is also a perfect fighter.


                                                          Jasur Alijonov - MMA coach

- I would like to single out two great fighters in the history of MMA, Khabib Nurmagomedov (28-0) and Henry Sexudo (16-2).


                                                           Zarruh Adashev - Bellator fighter

- I would say John Jones, the current pound-for-pound leader, UFC two time undisputed light heavyweight champion.

зарруҳ адашев

                                                          Lilya Shakirova - MMA fighter. GFC champion

- In the world of MMA, there is no equal in the heavyweight category Francis Ngannou, and in the girls' category, Valentina Shevchenko. I would say Mahmud Muradov in Uzbekistan.


                                                         Khumoyun Ibragimov - MMA fighter

- Of course, Fedor Emelyanenko! Because he was able to confront and defeat the strongest warriors of that era. Among them are Mirko Krokop, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randelman, Noguero, Andrei Arlovsky.


                                                           Shohruh Adashev - MMA fighter

- I can mention not one, but several. First of all, Khabib Nurmagomedov should be mentioned. By the way, Henry Sexudo and Timur Valiev ... Of course, this is my personal opinion!


                                                             Ahliddin Mirzadavlatov - MMA fighter

- I consider UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov to be the strongest fighter.


                                                            Ogiloy Nasimova - MMA fighter

- For me, Irish Conor McGregor is the best. True, there are defeats in his career. But he fights like a real MMA. The blows are very strong and never retreat. In addition, his fights also attract the attention of fans in terms of spectatorship.



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