• 17 Dec 11:00
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The next VI Congress of CAFA was held

Proposals of member associations were also considered

  • 16 Dec 17:30
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Our handball players have completed their performance at the World Championship

In a match where places 29-30 had to find their owners

  • 16 Dec 14:35
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The national taekwondo team WT is on the TCB

These trainings are attended by 25 athletes

  • 15 Dec 12:00
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Today, fans of Uzbek sports witness the performances of our compatriots at the World Cup

Our handball players will play their last match at the world Championship

  • 09 Dec 20:44
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Ravshan Irmatov discussed future plans with FIFA Technical Consultant

Work on the development of our football will continue.

  • 09 Dec 20:39
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Our handball players continue to perform at the World Cup

The national team of Uzbekistan has completed its performance at the preliminary group stage of the World Women's Handball Championship, which is being held in Spain.

  • 09 Dec 20:24
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The first medalists of the Fencing World Cup have been determined

As we reported earlier, the drawing of the Fencing World Cup among young people started today in Tashkent.

  • 06 Dec 22:22
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The national 3×3 basketball Championship has started in the capital

The competition lasts 2 days.

  • 06 Dec 22:04
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The international judicial seminar has started

A big seminar for judges started in the capital yesterday.