Abdulkhay Shorahmatov:

Abdulkhay Shorakhmatov had his second fight in professional boxing. On the night of the fight organized by the promotional company Queensberry Polska in Gnew, Poland, Shorakhmatov went to the ring against the host Robert Niedzwiedzki and won in the second round by technical knockout.

He answered questions after the fight.

“Thank you. The local people welcomed us warmly. He was a worthy opponent. He deserves better fights than that. May the God bless him. He came out to fight in the ring without fear. He is a real man! It was a very nice fight. Only compliments can be said. We have just started our job. I was invited by Mariusz Jędrzejewski and coach Fydor Lapin to the promotional company Queensberry Polska. We will conquer England and then the whole world! ” said Shorakhmatov.

Shorakhmatov stopped Robert Niedzwiedzki after dropping twice in the 2nd round by TKO on Queensberry Polska boxing card in Poland.

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