Does Juventus really need Shomurodov?

Various articles were published on Uzbek and Russian websites after Tuttosport reported that Eldor was in the spotlight at Juventus. So who benefits from Eldor's transfer? Today, we will try to discuss these properties. 

Does Juventus need this transfer?

There are a lot of high-quality players in Juventus’s attack. To tell the truth, competing with such strong attackers is too hard for Eldor. Yeah, Ronaldo is already 35 years old. But his physical side is quite good yet. After Morata’s joining Cristiano moved to his left-wing and continues scoring goals. If Pirlo wants Shomurodov in order to rotate Morata, it’s good for bianconeri, not Shomurodov. Because now Uzbek striker need more experience in Serie A.

There are a lot of other reasons too. First of all, Andrea Pirlo is not using Paolo Dybala enough. It’s clear that, because of his high price, none of European top clubs doesn’t want to sign him, even Manchester United. At the moment, it is difficult for him to compete with Dybala. 

Now Juventus have real trouble in the title race. So inexperienced Andrea Pirlo doesn’t want to take risks. It means that Eldor would take 5-6 minutes per match or lower. 


Why Shomurodov?

Since joining Italian club Eldor has been performing very smartly. It’s not about goals and assists only. There are a lot of good sides in his game. He defends well, is very active on pressing opponents and has special ability on shooting. His raids show that Eldor accelerate very well. 

Also, it's a pandemic situation. None of the top clubs have big money to spend freely for transfers. Shomurodov is universal forward. Eldor plays as a striker, but he can adapt to winger or second striker position as well. 


What should Shomurodov do?

Stats showing that, 25 years old Eldor playing 54 minutes per match, after moving to Genoa CFC. And this is the club which is going on 17th place in Serie A. As you know, Turin club not only tries to win Scudetto, but also UEFA Champions League. 

Nowadays, Davide Ballardini is creating a very good team as a coach griffones. His duo with Mattia Destro making very good chances and giving many goals for the club. So Shomurodov at least should finish this season in Genoa. 

If Eldor makes a move to Juventus it will be repeating Ilyos Zeytullayev’s fault. Now, none of Juve fans doesn’t remember him who also played for Genoa. 


Which club suits Eldor?

It’s very great succeeding Shomurodov in such a defensive team. Yeah, Juventus sounds good, but there is no chance for him in Turin now. So let’s, we will try to find another club for Eldor. Firstly, I would like to say it would be a sensational transfer if he joins Atalanta. Because, Gian Piero Gasperini likes making attacks and always needs new talents. Also the club sells a number of players to the European top clubs: Amad Diallo, Alexandro Gomez and etc. 

To tell the truth, Uzbek player is an alternative if Arkadiusz Milik’s transfer does not happen. Poland striker is on interests of Roma also. Even if Juve sign with Milik, moving to Olimpico would be great job for Shomurodov. 

We believe that Eldor can decide smartly on his own and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.


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