Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games LOC launches a worldwide music competition to find the best themes

Their management approved a worldwide competition to find musical themes for the Asian Games which global project launched in recent days and it is set to run until November 30 in 2020.

The Vice-Mayor of the city of Hangzhou Mr. Chen Weiqiang believes that the local organizers of the 2022 Asian Games have to arrange a special music collection. Asia has got impressive cultural and language diversity therefore the new music themes must be popular in all regions of the continent and all over the globe.

China hosted the Asian Games last time in Guangzhou in 2010 and before its start, a similar music competition was scheduled to find the best epic themes. Several famous Asian singers and stars produced and performed their songs in the Opening Ceremonies of the recent Asian Games. The official music theme of the last Jakarta 2018 Asian Games was “Reach for the Stars” which was introduced in the Opening Ceremony.

Hangzhou was officially awarded the right to host the 2022 Asian Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in September 2015 during the 34th Olympic Council of Asia’s General Assembly. As one of the top marketing projects, the city of Hangzhou arranged a three-year promotional ceremony in 2019 to develop the image of the Asian Games.

The Summer Asian Games is the largest multisport event not only on the continent but in the world as well with the participation of more than 11,000 athletes. The 2022 edition of the Asian Games will be held in the city of Hangzhou where more than 75% of the venues and sport facilities are ready according to the plans of the LOC.

Hangzhou is the third Chinese city to host an Asian Games after the Beijing 1990 and the Guangzhou 2010 editions. The preparation of the Chinese city for the 2022 Asian Games is exceptional which includes shortening travels in the region and many new sport and business developments.

The main venue of the 2022 Asian Games is the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium which was completed in 2018 with the capacity of 80,000 spectators. The stadium will be the venue of the Opening Ceremony which is planning to take place on September 10 in 2022.

Following the official announcement of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), 40 sports have been involved in the 2022 Asian Games including boxing. Our sport is in the official program of the Asian Games since the Manila 1954 edition.

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