Khalokov and Saidrakhimov brings at least a bronze medal for Uzbekistan

Nodirjon Mirzakhmedov won the last two editions of the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in the smallest weight class. The 27-year-old experienced boxer met with a veteran Kazakh, Temirtas Zhussupov, who is also the 2013 ASBC Asian Champion. The Uzbek boxer defeated Zhussupov in the quarter-finals of the Governor Cup in Russia by a split decision this April. The Kazakh used his best strategy, worked from a longer range and came closer to land jabs. That helped Zhussupov to take advantage after the first round and his strategy worked better today against the attacking Uzbek. Zhussupov has done revenge after his previous loss and became the first boxer at the AIBA World Boxing Championships who advanced to the semi-finals.

AIBA Youth World Champion Abdumalik Khalokov is one of the biggest talents in the world who turned 21 this year and lost only one bout in the recent two years. He defeated the RBF Team’s Vsevolod Shumkov during his career and he was confident in today’s quarter-final during their re-match. He knew the perfect tactic against the talented rival and he did not let Shumkov go closer. That effort was the key moment in their contest. The Uzbek’s counter-punches impressed the fans and Shumkov was not able to find anything against the super-fast Khalokov.

In a very close fight from start to finish, Mujibillo Tursunov lost to Cuban amateur standout Andy Cruz to narrowly overcome in his 2021 World Boxing quarterfinal match. Andy defeated Tursunov by split decision 3-2 (30-27, 28-29, 29-28, 28-29 and 30-27) in the contest. TBF's Weerapon Jongjoho is through too in the under-75kg following a narrow victory over Saidjamshid Jafarov which also went to a 3-2 split.

Madiyar Saydrakhimov defeated Lewis Williams of England in the quarter-final of heavyweight (92kg) category and was second after Khalokov to guarantee a bronze medal for Uzbekistan. He will face Cuban Julio Cesar La Cruz in the way of the final.

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