The victory of

In a difficult match, FC Bunyodkor-W managed to win. Three important points in the tournament plan made it possible to immediately look ahead to the finish of the tournament. Although we will not begin to guess anything yet.

The mutual desire of both teams to win was complicated by both sides. The hosts found it difficult to overcome the defense, they often used forward throws, played very tough (they took an example from the Iranians!). And we lacked Lyudmila Karachik in the attack, who even without the ball connects a couple of defenders and opens up space for others. But in general, ours had a certain advantage in the first half.

Very viscous, often on the verge of a foul and a breakdown ... A game of nerves! It is also psychologically difficult against the owners.


There were still forces and after the break to overcome the defense of the Arabs, to strike, to create dangerous moments in the penalty area. One of them was not immediately noticed by the Japanese referee, but after the intervention of the video assistant referee (VAR) and quite a long consideration, the referee still pointed to the "point" - we hit! It was already the 90th minute ...

Waiting for a strike from the 11-meter mark ... In general, this is just a particular example (!), Everyone had the same in their hearts.

Dildora Nazimova was accurate again, and we won, having resisted and compensated for more than 7 minutes. The first victory of this level for our women's football, and the capital's “Swallows” achieved it!


Our third match will take place on November 13: the opponent is the champion of India.

After the match, Umida Zoirova, recognized as the best player of the match, took part in a press conference.

- Congratulations on your victory. Your thoughts on the game.

- Thanks for the compliments. We were very excited because we had our first international show. Unfortunately, we lost in the first game. Before today's game, we worked on mistakes, forgot about the first defeat and won, despite all the difficulties.

- In the first half, you showed good football, and in the second - emotional, enthusiastic. What did your coach say to you during the break?

- The coach did not give such instructions. We just didn't take advantage of a lot of situations in the first half, which may have made us nervous. And in the second half, we played with the feeling that we still have to win, and in the end we won.

- Wishes to fans ...
- I want to thank the president and the management of our club for their support, as well as everyone who supports us! We play not only for the Bunyodkor club but also for the glory of Uzbekistan. Therefore, I congratulate all the people of Uzbekistan on today's victory!

Also, the head coach of "Bunyodkor-W" Elmira Gulamova shared her thoughts after today's match with SC "Amman".


- We reviewed our game with Shahrdari Sirzhan and carefully studied every mistake. I needed to explain the situation to my players, prepare them for the next game, not let them get depressed. Yesterday, in pre-match practice, we worked on the mistakes of each player. The game we played against the Iranian team was not in our style.

I tell my players to always be aggressive and physically strong. But this, of course, should not come to rudeness and violations. Today we played football like that and won.

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