Tsotne Rogava

At the end of this month, the next Summer Olympic Games will start in Tokyo, Japan. Among the sports included in the Olympic program, boxing competitions are in the spotlight of many fans and experts.

Following the world-famous success at the 2016 Rio Olympics, special attention will be paid to Uzbek boxers in Tokyo. Uzbek sports fans also have high hopes for the boxing starts.

The sharpest and most uncompromising fights in sport, especially in boxing, are in the heavyweight division. The clash between the strong and the giant guys will give the fans a special pleasure. In this sense, the reigning world and Asian champion Bakhodir Jalolov will be in the spotlight at the Olympics.

In this competition, there are rivals who want to stop and take revenge on Uzbek heavyweight shining-star Jalolov ...


Ukraine has always had strong boxers in the heavyweight category. After a generational change, Tsotne Rogava from Odessa will be in chase of Olympic gold medal.

Yesterday, the boxer was given a quote to the Tokyo Olympics.

In fact, Rogava lost his fight to Muhammad Abdullayev of Azerbaijan in the Olympic qualifying tournament in France. Due to the fact that subsequent qualifying tournaments were not organized due to the coronavirus pandemic, some boxers won a ticket based on their position in the rankings.

In particular, Tsotne Rogava has been selected to compete in Tokyo as a leader among European boxers who have not yet won an Olympic license in their weight class.

It is noteworthy that the main goal of Tsotne Rogava is to become an Olympic champion like Jalolov. The Ukrainian knockouter has been trying to get win over.

Last year, Tsotne helped famous boxer Alexander Usyk prepare for the fight against Derek Chisora and participated in sparring. It is no secret that Rogava's invincible life played an important role in his rematch against Bakhodir Jalolov.


- Alexander Usyk's fighting style is based on a lot of strikes, and in sparring I had to hold my hand high and endure a lot of pressure. This condition also requires physical training. Alexander's legs are agile, and he is different from other heavyweight boxers. In addition, Usyk is southpaw like the reigning world champion Bakhodir Jalolov. I lost to the Uzbek boxer at the 2019 World Championship. That's why training with Usyk is very important for me. Going into the ring against a fast and fast-moving boxer is an important part of my training. Because these exercises should help me in the upcoming fight with Uzbek boxer. The outcome of the next battle will be different, - said Tsotne Rogava.

Bakhodir Jalolov and Tsotne Rogava clashed at the 2019 World Cup in Yekaterinburg, Russia, where Jalolov won by points. In addition, both knockouters clashed at a prestigious international tournament in Bulgaria in February this year, making Bahodir the only boxer to beat Tsotne twice in a row.

Looking at Boxrec statistics, Bakhodir Jalolov had a total of 83 victories in amateur boxing and 11 defeat. He had all the eight fights in the professional boxing in his favor ahead of scheduled time.

Tsotne Rogava recorded 21 wins and four losses among amateurs. The Ukrainian boxer, who recently entered the professional ring, knocked out the experienced Croatian boxer Peter Mrvalj (9-15, 5 KOs) in the first round in his debut fight.

Both athletes are currently preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. This means that Bakhodir Jalolov will face fierce competitions in the rings of the Tokyo Olympics.

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