"We will play at the highest level in the new season" or how much can Nikola Lazarevich change FC Kizilkum?

On January 29, the 44-year-old coach Nikola Lazarevic from Serbia began work in Navoi's Kizilkum. He will sign a contract with the club until the end of the season. Lazarevich then answered questions from a Sports.uz reporter.

- You became the head coach of FC Kizilkum. What kind of "winds" did you actually get to these places?

- Last year we talked to them about this issue. But at that time, this work was not over. This time there was a definite offer and I agreed. I can say that we reached an agreement quickly. I would also like to thank the leadership of the community. I am confident that our cooperation will be very good.


- This is your first time working in Uzbekistan as a coach from abroad. But why did you sign a one-year contract? Is this time long enough for you to implement your plans?

- The coaching job is such that he never knows where he will be tomorrow. Much depends on the outcome. That is why I did not think long about the term when we agreed on the terms of the contracts.

- In that case, tell us, what is the task of the club's management?

- We have discussed a lot of issues with the club's management. Therefore, we talked about the new season. I must say that the leadership has set a high task for us. In other words, he set a task to fight for a good result in the tournaments in which we participate and to strengthen our game even more than last year.


- The squad of FC Kizilkum is being renewed. What do you want the content to be? Which legionnaires do you want to see in your team as a head coach?

- Yes, the squad will change. But not so much. The club has already signed contracts with several players. They are Uzbeks and legionnaires. We have one or two more positions that we need to fill. I think we will be able to complete our training camp in Turkey. In terms of composition, we will consult with the team director Hamidjon Aktamov. Ever since we started talking to this person, our thoughts have been coming out of nowhere.

- Tell me, what attracted you the most when the contract was signed?

- First of all, I would like to say about the quality and level of the championship of Uzbekistan. I still think Uzbek football is one of the best in Asia. The stability of the clubs and the ambitions of the leaders are unique here.


- What style of play do you like as a coach? So, what kind of game do you want to play in FC Kizilkum in the new season?

- It is too early to talk about the style and philosophy of the club Kizilkum. But I can say that FC Kyzylkum will try to play at the highest level in the new season.

- You must have seen last year's games of your new team. How do you assess its potential?

- Yes, I saw it. This is one of the situations that attracted me. The club continues to develop and achieve high results. It is very important for us to play well in every match of the championship.


- What are the pros and cons of Uzbek football?

- I think the new season will be very strong. Because there are enough quality and strong teams. Many clubs are contenders for the championship. The competition is also high. It is also important to keep in mind the efforts of the head coach of the Uzbek national team, who is working to improve the level of Uzbek football. Personally, I have always had positive impressions of Uzbek football.

- What will happen to the 39-year-old goalkeeper Ignatiy Nesterov? Will he stay in the club or ...

- Ignatiy Nesterov will return soon and join the team. That's when we can discuss everything. I think it is too early to talk about this. As for his age, this is not a reason for our final decision.


- The last club you worked for before was Al-Taawun from Saudi Arabia. As far as I know, they will take part in the Asian Champions League ...

- In general, I am satisfied with my work in Saudi Arabia. The football organization there is very high. We won the Saudi Arabia Cup last year. However, the club has the opportunity to participate in the qualifying round of the Asian Champions League. If the group climbs the ladder, I will be happy.


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