Uzbekistan's swimmers claim fifteen medals in Tajikistan

Uzbekistan’s athletes claimed fifteen medals in the International Swimming Tournament took place in Khujand, Tajikistan.

Uzbekistan swimming team earned the first place in the medal count as Russia and Belarus finished the top three in the tournament.

Here are the results recorded by Uzbekistan’s swimmer.

Women’s: 50m, freestyle

Bronze medal: Alena Vasileva Alena (00:27,40)


Men’s: 50m, freestyle

Silver medal: Murat Sagdulaev (00:23,81)


Women’s: 200m, medlay

Gold medal: Sobirova (02:42,60)
Silver medal: Muslima Jumabaeva (02:53,96)
Bronze medal: Muslima Sultonova (02:59,13)

Men’s: 200m, medlay

Silver medal: Hojiakbar Abdujalilov (02:21,53)
Bronze medal: Murat Sagdulaev (02:21,96)


Women’s: 100m, backstroke,

Gold medal: Gulandon Islamova (01:09,81)
Silver medal: Muslima Sultonova (01:12,25)


Women’s: 200m, freestyle

Silver medal: Afsona Niyazova (02:15,25)


Men’s: 200m, freestyle

Gold medal: Oybek Hodjaev (01:56,46)


Women’s: 100m, breaststroke

Silver medal: Alyona Vasileva (01:20,25)
Bronze medal: Guzal Sobirova (01:20,75)


Men’s: 100m, breaststroke

Silver Medal: Zufar Abdulazizov (01: 06,65)


Medlay relay: 4x100m, freestyle

Silver medal: Marinbaev A., Vasileva A., Islamova G., Sagdulaev M. (03: 58,06).

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