Bakhodir Jalolov takes part in the AIBA Elite World Boxing Championships after the Tokyo Olympic Games

Uzbekistan earned six male gold medals at the ASBC Asian Men’s & Women’s Elite Boxing Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and topped the team rankings. Their superstar Bakhodir Jalolov won the title of the men’s super heavyweight (+91kg) with impressive performance and defeated his main rival, Kazakhstan’s Kamshybek Kunkabayev. The 27-year-old Uzbek boxer commented his success and mentioned his future plans including the Tokyo Olympic Games.

“Preparations were going well this year, these were smooth as always we do. We consider each tournament very seriously, no matter of the status of the event. By the way, it’s difficult to be in shape for several times in three months, this time I made only 70% during the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships. I need all my 100% for the Olympic Games.

I liked the environment during the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships, also all of the facilities that were organized in one place, we did not need any transportation. I mean the weight-in, meal, technical meetings and sport entries check seemed very comfortable for all of the athletes.
We do respect all of our opponents, we always consider them as strong and experienced athletes, never taking something for granted, they all do their best. Kazakhstan for example is very strong boxing county, Mongolia was good as well, India came closer to us this time.
It was my 7th bout against Kazakhstan’s tough Kamshybek Kunkabayev, which was tough enough as always. This time it was more on psychological level, rather than physical. I felt more confident because I won the last two contests against him, and didn’t lose to anyone. I was focusing more on my psychological preparations in the recent months and those efforts paid off.

Before the Olympic Games, I have to invest more strength than ever. It is my dream to win the Olympic Games, and I must prepare myself to be 100% shape in Tokyo. We won’t go any other tournaments or training camps, we will stay in Uzbekistan for the final stage of preparations.
The main opponents in Tokyo for me are those from Kazakhstan, Russia, Cuba, and Australia. But as I told before, I consider all of the athletes in my category as top opponents. After the Olympic Games I am planning to participate in the AIBA World Boxing Championships and then, we will see,” said Uzbekistan’s superstars Bakhodir Jalolov who continued his unbeaten series in Dubai and now he is fully focusing to the Tokyo Olympic Games.


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