Can Conor McGregor win? Uzbek martial artists answered (part 2)

This month there will be a fight in the UFC  that everyone is looking forward to.  Of course, this is the main fight of UFC 257 - the clash of Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor.  We were interested in the opinion of Uzbek martial artists on the central fight of this event, which will be held on January 23 (Tashkent time on the night of January 24) on the "Fight Island" in the UAE.  We have already presented the first part in this regard.

Today, we would like to draw your attention to the comments of Uzbek MMA fighters.

 Gulbahor Amantaeva - a coach and former MMA fighter

- You know, the mood plays a key role in such battles.  Conor was devastated after the defeat to Khabib.  Exactly, he is determined to win Dustin and try to restore his former reputation.  But I can’t say he will win it easily.  The fight will be tough.  His frustration and his desire to win the fight ahead of schedule, in an impressive way, can also be a reason.


 Rakhmatillo Nuriddinbekov - a wrestler

 - Both are bright stars in the lightweight category and have power accordingly.  I would rate the chances 50/50.


 Azamat Nuftillaev - an MMA fighter

- Both have their own strengths.  But I think Conor McGregor’s chances are high.  In fact, Dustin also has a great fight.  He is one of the most dangerous fighters.  But as I said above, Conor wins.


 Ogiloy Nasimova - an MMA fighter

- Conor's physical condition is now at a very high level.  It had been a long time since he had fought.  That’s why he probably missed such a clash so much.  It is clear that the defeat of Khabib made him even stronger.  I think Conor will win.


Nursultan Ruzibaev - an MMA fighter

 - Competing opponents ... Both of them work well in the stand.  But Conor is better than him, in my opinion, and I would have appreciated his chances of winning this fight.


 Mashrabjon Ruzibaev - an MMA fighter

 - I think the fight will be interesting and intense.  Conor's victory in the first battle between them gives him a spiritual advantage.  I think McGregor is superior in terms of physical condition as well.  In this battle, Conor wins.


Jasur Alijonov - a coach

- The first fight between them took place 5 years ago and Conor won it.  But a long time has passed since then.  Now Dustin is a fighter on a completely different level.  Dustin’s chances in this clash are high.  On the same card, Uzbek UFC fighter Makhmud Murodov will return to the octagon.  We look forward to his victory and wish him the best of luck!


 Musa Mametov - a master of hand-to-hand combat

- I like the way they fight. I think equally strong opponents.  I think a little advantage is on Conor's side.  So the victory must be on the Irish side.


 Furkat Karimov - an MMA fighter

- They both have a chance to win.  I would rate the chances 50/50.  Honestly, I don’t know which one to be a fan of.  Whoever is well prepared for this battle will win.


 Murodbek Choriev - an MMA fighter

 - Conor McGregor wins.  The reason is that Dustin has been defeated by him, and it is this situation that affects him mentally.


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