How did the national team of Uzbekistan lose? What did we lose to the opponent?

The final match between U-23 players was held at Bunyodkor Stadium. The Uzbek Olympic team competed with Saudi Arabia. Get acquainted with the whole process of how the competition went.

We kept all the opponents in our penalty area until the final. Today, Saudi Arabia used this method for us, in the first minutes. Fans have become our biggest force. But it also put pressure on our players.

Due to the importance of the game, 2 members of the national team under the age of 23 were involved in the Olympic team of Saudi Arabia. It showed the extent of their purpose.


Problems were encountered in delivering the ball to the front line representatives. The previous connection was broken by the opponent's base midfielders.

In previous meetings, our left fan was active. This time for some reason we leaned on the right wing or the left side was blocked by the Saudis. Saidazamat Mirsaidov made many mistakes in passes.

The first dangerous situation occurred in the 32nd minute. Hojimat Erkinov kicked hard to send the ball to the goal, which was thrown by his partner. As a result, the ball went too far.

The opponent also responded quickly. In the counter-attack, Saud Abdulhamid from outside the penalty area caused a lot of difficulties for our goalkeeper.

At the end of the half, a penalty was awarded to our goal. Our player knocked down the opponent. However, the referee, who saw VAR, overturned the decision and canceled the penalty, as an offside situation had been recorded in the previous situation.

In the 49th minute, the Saudis achieved their goal. Ahmed Mazen Algamdi opened the scoring from the penalty area line with a clear shot from the top corner of the goal.

Until the 60th minute, Husain Norchaev once could not choose the right position, almost did not win in the fight for the ball. Jasur Jaloliddinov's charge seems to have run out in the previous stages. It's getting hard to lift the weight. Hojimat Erkinov changed the wings, but to no avail.


Jaloliddinov reminded himself of this. As he hit Japan, he shot the goal from a long distance. It didn't make much sense. In the 71st minute, a member of our team scored a goal. However, an offside situation was reported. Shortly afterwards, in the 74th minute, a technical error in stopping the ball in the center cost him dearly. As a result of the attack, Feras Albrichan skillfully occupied the bottom corner on the left foot from inside the penalty area - 0: 2. In the 89th minute, when the ball was raised from the corner, it was as if our player was right in the goal. But the guard caught the ball. Our players, who were so tired on the hard field, could not show themselves. Leaders could not take responsibility. Thus, the Olympic team of Saudi Arabia became the winner of the Asian Cup among players under 23 years old. The Saudis finished the match without conceding a goal.


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