Ruzikul Berdiev: "we will try to achieve our goal by playing well in the final"

The second part of the press conference, organized before the final match of the AFC Cup-2021, was attended by the head coach” Nasafa "Ruzikul Berdiyev and team captain Umar Eshmurodov.

Ruzikul Berdiyev: - the final is waiting for us tomorrow. Both teams did not reach the finals so easily. Therefore, both teams act on the field, giving everything they have.

We have studied the opposing team well. The opponent is a very well-formed team. There are a lot of experienced players in the squad. He plays much more organized. We tried to give the guys full information about the opponent.

Maybe the hot weather can be a little unpleasant, but that's no excuse. Whatever our task, we will try to achieve our main goal by playing very well in the final match.

The final consists of one game. It's true that the numbers and statistics are on our side, such as competition scorers, assist leaders, goals scored. But, forgetting about the results of the previous games, let's pay attention to the decisive match ahead.

Umar Eshmurodov: - tomorrow we will go out on the field and give all our strength to please our fans, the people with a wonderful victory.


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