Samvel Babayan: "We dedicate the victory to the Hakim of the region"

After the match FC Nasaf – FC Navbahor (0:1) Namangan head coach Samvel Babayan took part in a press conference.

- As I said before the match, this match will not leave anyone indifferent. Recently, the match between Nasaf and Navbahor was very interesting and combative. Therefore, games full of goals are held in a tense mode. We are very glad that we have won an important victory for us today. Today's victory is dedicated to the khokim of the region, who gives life to FC Navbahor  and creates favorable conditions and opportunities. Shavkat Shakirzhanovich is making great efforts not only for the development of the club FC Navbahor, but also to the development of Namangan football.

As for the direct meeting, in the first round we had 55 percent control over the game in the opening match in Namangan (in this case I mean control of the game, not the ball), while in today's meeting we completely controlled the game from start to finish. The intrigue in the game should have ended earlier. But he survived to the end. Again, I can't help but recognize the opponent. This is a very good and high-quality team.

As for the rest of the championship, very interesting matches are waiting for us here. There are 12 more games. I think all the other matches will be so combative, intense. Fans are witnessing an amazing championship this year. We will make every effort on our part to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves at the beginning of the championship. That is, we will try to restore the previous positions”Navbahora". Until today, we have fulfilled a certain part of the goals set for us. According to marketing research, "Navbahor remains one of the most memorable and popular communities among fans. So, we have practically coped with the main task. We will do our best to please our fans in the future. I can say with great confidence that our return to the 1st place pleased our fans.

- What do you think FC Nasaf lacked today?

- What can I say? I can't judge. Because I was watching my team. He plays well in the championship, a stable team. To achieve such stability, first of all it is necessary to solve the personnel issue. The players in the team are the core of the team. In addition, they gave the coach the opportunity to prove himself for many years. For this reason, the team's results are also the same.


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