The South Korean promoter spoke about the Israil Madrimov-Michel Soro fight and other Uzbek boxers

It is known that a number of Uzbek boxers cooperate with the South Korean promotion "Cocky Buffalo". In particular, Olimjon Nazarov (27-5.15 KO), Abdurasul Ismailov (9-1.5 KO), and Abdulaziz Najmiddinov (9-0.7 KO) are members of this promotion.

Taking into account that we applied Mr. Sang Bum Kim, the head of this promotion company, who has a high interest in Uzbek boxing and is followed not only by Uzbeks under his company but also by other boxers, for a question about his thoughts on the rematch between Israil Madrimov and Michel Soro and his plans regarding Uzbek boxers who are fighting under the banner of "Cocky Buffalo" 

 - Mr. Kim, we know that you cooperate with a number of Uzbek boxers. What are your plans for their future?

- There are big plans. For example, since Olimjon Nazarov is getting older, I and Olimjon himself want to organize a championship fight as soon as possible. His next fight is now clarified. He will face Ligas Bienvenido (14-2-2, 9 KOs) of the Philippines on July 30th and will most likely officially challenge for a title fight after a victory in this fight. We are in the process of organizing a fight for Abdurasul Ismailov in the USA. We are currently processing visa issues. If we talk about Abdulaziz Najmiddinov, I think that his future is bright and he will record good results. On July 30, he will fight Indonesia's Rivo Kundimang (9-3-2.5 KO) and this fight will be a huge test for him.  

Did we hear that negotiations are underway for the fight between Olimjon Nazarov and the WBO champion in the -50.8 kg weight category Junto Nakatani?

- Yes, we negotiated with them. Until today, we tried to arrange a fight with 4 Japanese boxers against Olimjon. However, coming to terms with the Japanese is proving difficult. They want a 70% win and are negotiating by selecting opponents. But I will try to organize this clash clearly.

We know that you are well aware of Uzbek boxers, what do you think about the rematch between Israil Madrimov and Frenchman Michel Soro on July 9?

- I also watched their first fight. It was a very interesting battle. Madrimov's chances seemed relatively high. It is natural that the second fight will be interesting... I would rate the Uzbek boxer's chances this time as well.   


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