Uzbek MMA fighter Furkatbek Yokubov will return to the octagon against Brazilian opponent

Uzbek MMA fighter Furkatbek Yokubov will fight on November 27. Uzber fighter will rise to the octagon on the night of the fight organized by the UAE Warrios promotion in Dubai, UAE. His opponent will be Brazilian Vinicius De Oliveira. During his professional career, Furkatbek fought 3 fights, won twice and suffered one defeat. His opponent is 12-2.

We were interested in the opinion of him on this battle ...

- If I am lucky, I will have my next fight on November 27. My opponent is an experienced Brazilian fighter ... In fact, a Russian athlete had to fight him. But after he said he couldn’t make it for some reason, the organizers decided to replace him with me. I think everything will be fine. If we are lucky, we intend to please all our fans with victories.


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