Who were the awkward opponents of Uzbek boxing stars in the recent past?

  In 1990-2000, a great generation was formed in Uzbek boxing. Among them are Artur Grigoryan, Muhammadkadir Abdullaev, Ruslan Chagaev, Rustam Saidov, Utkirbek Haydarov, Karim Tulaganov, Hikmatillokh Ahmedov, Timur Suleymanov, Laziz Zokirov, Alisher Avezboev, Oleg Maskaev, Dilshod Yorbekov, Narimon Otaev, Tolqinboy Turgunov, Berdiev, Kuvonch, Tverboev Sergey Mikhailov, Timur Ibragimov, Alisher Rakhimov, Timur Tulyakov, Farhod Bakirov, Uygun Siddikov, Ravkat Eraliev and many others, strong masters of "leather gloves", deservedly defended the honor of our country. Most of them are currently working in coaching and other fields. Exactly during the time of these boxers, the national championships of Uzbekistan were very strong and competitive. International tournaments, on the other hand, were more difficult. Because at that time, the national teams of Cuba, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the United States had a strong appearance ... We contacted some of the boxers listed above and inquired about their uncomfortable opponents in amateur boxing.

                                                     Mukhammadkadir Abdullaev

- It has always been a dream to win the championship of Uzbekistan. The competition was very strong and there were a lot of skilled competitors. We competed in different weight classes, in general, Bahrom Kyrgyzbaev from Namangan, Sirojiddin Naimov from Tashkent region, Farhod Bakirov were serious rivals. In international tournaments, Sergei Bykovsky of Belarus was very uncomfortable.


Rustam Saidov

- I would say Ruslan Chagaev and Lazizbek Zokirov in Uzbekistan. In the world, Roman Romanchuk, Alexis Rubalcaba(Cuba), Roberto Camarelli (Italy) were very uncomfortable.

рустам са

Kuvanch Taygonbaev

- My strongest opponent in the championship of Uzbekistan was Narimon Ataev from Bukhara. He was a great boxer. May Allah have mercy on you! I learned a lot from Narimon and Farhod Bakirov from my serious rivals in several other rings. There were times when they won and lost in a clash with them. But I can say that the competition with them has led to my modest achievements in my professional career. Oleg Saitov was the Russian Olympic champion in international tournaments. His uncomfortable aspect was that he clung, blocking his arms and not allowing him to move more freely. Still, I don’t think I lost myself in my fight with him. Usually, I always admitted my true defeat and never justified myself. But in the fight with Saitov, only his Olympic championship played an important role.


Tulkinboy Turgunov

- There were a lot of strong boxers in my weight category. I would like to mention Dilshod Karimov from Jizzakh. Later Dilshod Makhmudov grew up. In international competitions, my fiercest and most uncomfortable opponent was Samlak Kamsing from Thailand.

тулкин ака

Alisher Rakhimov

- I boxed in several weight categories. In the championship of Uzbekistan, we met several times with Timur Tulyakov and Dilshod Yuldashev from Fergana, and they were good opponents. Globally, it was difficult to fight against Guillermo Rigondeaux of Cuba and Raimkul Malakhbekov of Russia.


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