Yakhshibaev will play in the Europe League!

There are many challenges ahead for him...

Jasur Yakhshibaev will also take part in the European level competition in 2022. This year, our compatriot will take part in the second tournament of the “golden continent” – the Europa League.

Sheriff“ which took part in the group stage of the European Champions League for the first time in its history, has become a real sensation of this tournament. Having beaten Shakhtar and Real Madrid in the first two rounds, the Moldovan champion will continue his path in European competitions thanks to these victories.


The fact is that Jasur Yakhshibayev's team lost the next three matches after two consecutive victories. In the fifth round, the wards of Yuri Vernidub lost to Real Madrid – 0:3.

Jasur Yakhshiboev, who scored a goal in the goal Real Madrid did not take part in the match in Tiraspol in the first match at the Santiago Bernabeu and marked the beginning of the historic victory of Sheriff, as he did not fully recover from injury in that match.

In the confrontation between the other two teams in the group – "Inter" and "Shakhtyor" - the Italian champion scored a couple of unanswered goals against the Ukrainians. It was this result that secured the Moldovans the third place in the group and thus participation in the Europa League.  If Real Madrid and Inter decide on the first place in the last match in the group, then "Shakhtyor" will remain in last place.

- I'm very happy for you guys. The language does not go to say something contrary to their honor. The fact that Real Madrid came to our match with a fighting squad also means that they respect us and are seriously preparing for the match.

I have never said such things, but in the case of the first goal from a free kick, I think that the rule of the game was not violated. Our footballer was the first to touch the ball and kick it. Even if he touched the opponent, it was after the ball was hit. Real Madrid is a great club, so a free kick was awarded. If this situation had happened at the gate of Real Madrid, I would have been sure that a penalty would not have been awarded.

The quality of the game we showed here was higher than in Madrid, where we beat Real Madrid. The fact that we continue to compete in European competitions is a great achievement for Sheriff.

My contract is valid until the summer of 2022. So far, I have an idea with "Sheriff". Let's wait for the matches of the Champions League group stage and the completion of the national championship. Then everything will become clear. I will not hide it, every coach dreams of a more serious project and a stronger club. I am no exception," Yuri Vernidub said.


Jasur Yakhshibayev's contract with "Sheriff" is valid until the summer of 2022. If there is no extraordinary turn in the career of our legionnaire, Jasur will take part in the Europa League matches.

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