A kurash tournament for the prize of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held in Germany

In these competitions, which were attended by martial artists from more than 20 countries, men fought for victory in the weight category over 81 kg, women over 63 kg, the total prize fund of the competition was 10 thousand euros.

The opening ceremony of this important tournament was attended by employees of the International Kurash Association, the European Kurash Confederation, the Kurash Federations of Uzbekistan and Germany, representatives of the diplomatic corps of a number of states operating in Germany, who witnessed firsthand the entertainment of the Uzbek National wrestling.

As for the results of the competitions, Polish Sandra Liskin rose to the highest step of the podium in the women's part of the tournament, and Serbian Alexander Kolobik took home the gold in the men's competition.

The athletes who took 1st place in their weight categories were awarded cash prizes in the amount of 2500, those who took 2nd place-1500, and the martial artists who took 3rd place-500 euros.

Women, + 63kg
1. Sandra Liskin (Poland)
2. Zubavi Siene Gedutite (Latvia)
3. Lorena Podlenisky (Romania)
3. Gulasal Haidarova (Uzbekistan)

Men, +81 kg
1. Alexander Kolobik (Serbia)
2. Shokhrukh Usmanov (Uzbekistan)
3. Martin Jonata (Slovakia)
3. Jean Niklos Goldhammer (Germany)


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