Baidukova, Chand, Nematova, Mahmudov and Boltayev were the bests in the junior finals of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships

The outstanding 26 junior finals were held in the ninth competition day of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Many of these young talents could be strong favourites for the future but Uzbekistan’s duo Hojiakbar Mahmudov and Shavkatjon Boltayev amazed on Day9. Among the junior girls, Kazakhstan’s Viktoriya Baidukova, India’s Nikita Chand and Uzbekistan’s Shakhina Nematova were the bests in the day of the finals.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Iran and Mongolia had junior finalists in the younger age group of the championship. Uzbekistan won nine gold medals in the junior part and topped the team standings in Dubai. Kazakhstan and India both won eight titles among the juniors while Iran had one gold in the men’s part of the event.

The number of the junior boxers is 152 while 141 youth athletes are competing in the Dubai event. Altogether 293 boxers including 84 girls are attending in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. The Technical Delegate of the competition is Mrs. Marina Ni of Kazakhstan who supports the success of the event.

Fifteen nations sent their boxers to the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai: Bahrain, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mongolia, Nepal, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan. The competition is streamed in the ASBC YouTube channel and the fans can follow all of the sessions in the upcoming nearly two weeks.

The company of Green Hill is the official equipment provider as in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships which is a money prize event, all of the medallists can earn cash prizes. Altogether record number of 51 champions will be crowned in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships, 25 girls and 26 boys.

Kazakhstan’s Damir Baipakov is the first champion in Dubai

Kazakhstan’s Damir Baipakov eliminated Uzbekistan’s Bakhtiyor Yakhshiboyev in the semi-final of the pinweight (46kg) which was an impressive result for the 16-year-old talent. Baipakov met in the final with Iraq’s new sensation Abbas Qasim and tried to keep the control immediately in the first exchanges. The Kazakh had more experiences in the recent years and he was enough confident to rule the middle of the ring against Iraq’s lone junior finalist. Baipakov landed dangerous left-handed hooks in the second round and he decided the contest taking his first major title.

Uzbekistan’s first title in Dubai was achieved by Hojiakbar Mahmudov

Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Schoolboys Champion Hojiakbar Mahmudov moved up to the flyweight (50kg) in the recent months and arrived to Dubai as a favourite. He met for the title with Tajikistan’s Ruslan Gafurov who claimed bronze medal at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships at the age of 13. Mahmudov moved forward, he dictated the tempo in the first round and used quick hooks to catch the taller Tajik boxer. Gafurov started the second round in different rhythm, he has done more risk and attacked from all possible ranges. The Uzbek boxer proved that he is also better in fighting style and landed the stronger shots to take the first title of his powerful nation. Mahmudov delivered one of the best performances in the junior finals and deserved to win this weight class.

Adaibek Niyazbay is Kazakhstan’s second gold medallist

Uzbekistan’s Mironshokh Norkosimov replaced ASBC Asian Schoolboys Champion Farrukh Tulaganov who has been preparing to another important international junior event which will be starting in Kazan, Russia in the first week of September. Tulaganov’s replacement advanced to the final of the bantamweight (54kg) and met with Kazakhstan’s Adaibek Niyazbay. The Kazakh was taller in this final as well and opened the contest in better rhythm keeping his neighbouring rival on long. Niyazbay used his counter-punches well enough to take Kazakhstan’s second junior gold medal in Dubai.

Bakhtiyar Anarbayev defeated one of the junior stars of the event

Uzbekistan’s 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Champion Dalerjon Bozorov won all of his junior contests in the recent one and half year but he had a hard quarter-final in Dubai. Following that tight contest, the 16-year-old Uzbek advanced to the final of the featherweight (57kg) in Dubai where met with Kazakhstan’s Bakhtiyar Anarbayev. The Kazakh had the height advantage but he moved ahead more in the first round to catch his unbeaten Uzbek rival. Bozorov moved more on feet than in his previous contests and delivered his best just in the final but Anarbayev had strong tactic against the Uzbek. The taller Kazakh talent exceeded all of the previous expectations and defeated one of the stars of the event.

Uzbekistan’s Javokhir Ummataliyev reached his career highlight

Uzbekistan’s Javokhir Ummataliyev eliminated his main rivals during his road to the title bout of the lightweight (60kg) but he could expect a next strong challenge against Kyrgyzstan’s Almaz Orozbekov. The Uzbek southpaw landed nice left-handed jabs which he combined with right hooks against the attacking Kyrgyz. Ummataliyev felt the tempo better in the first round and he landed punches whenever he wanted in the opening two minutes. The Uzbek was quicker and he proved better performance in all aspects of boxing today therefore Ummataliyev reached his career highlight with this gold medal.

Uzbekistan’s Lazizbek Tulkinov claimed his second ASBC title

Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Schoolboy Champion Lazizbek Tulkinov eliminated Tajikistan’s Mukhammad Jabborov in the semi-final of the light welterweight (63kg) three days ago. The 16-year-old Uzbek met for the title with Kyrgyzstan’s Eldar Yesembayev who had a brave attempt to beat the more experienced Tulkinov. The Kyrgyz boxer had some effective punches and nice combinations but the Uzbek kept him long in most of the exchanges. Tulkinov’s jabs were decisive especially in the second and third rounds therefore he claimed Uzbekistan’s third gold medal in Dubai.

Uzbekistan’s Shavkatjon Boltayev won his second Asian title after Kuwait City

Uzbekistan’s strongest junior boxer, Shavkatjon Boltayev is another gold medallist from the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. The 16-year-old Uzbek is small at the light middleweight (70kg) but he impressed in all of his previous contests including in the semi-final against Kazakhstan’s experienced Viktor Litvinov. The powerful Uzbek met for the title with India’s Gaurav Saini and he looked seriously confident in the first round landing tough hooks. Boltayev attacked three-time more than his Indian rival who had not enough strong defence to avoid these shots. The Uzbek talent was fresh in the third round and he played with his Indian rival keeping the best distance which meant Boltayev achieved his second Asian title during his career.

Sardorbek Tursunov claimed Uzbekistan’s sixth gold medal

Uzbekistan’s new national team member Sardorbek Tursunov eliminated a tall Tajik opponent in the semi-finals, Akmaljon Abduvaliev with powerful performance. The Uzbek light heavyweight (80kg) boxer faced for the title with his main rival, Kazakhstan’s Mokhamed Attia Khamed in the 12th final of the day. Tursunov used double-defence in the first round and from that position he landed tough hooks against his taller opponent. The Uzbek was never stopped attacking in their final but Attia Khamed had also enough technical skills to remain his chance alive to won this weight category. Tursunov performed strongly in the third round which delivered for him a gold medal in a tough division.

India’s Joon Bharat won the battle of the ASBC Schoolboys Champions

India’s Joon Bharat and Kazakhstan’s Yerdos Sharipbek are both ASBC Asian Schoolboys Champion from Kuwait City where the two talents won the heaviest weight categories two years ago. The two boxers met in the final of the heavyweight (+80kg) in Dubai and on their exciting contest the Indian southpaw landed effective jabs to win the first round by 3:2 on the scorecards. Sharipbek attacked without any stoppage but Bharat’s left-handed hooks stopped the 16-year-old Kazakh in the second round. The Indian worked a lot on feet also still in the third round against the exhausting Kazakh and claimed his second ASBC Asian title.

Uzbekistan’s Gulsevar Ganieva is the first female winner in Dubai

Uzbekistan’s Gulsevar Ganieva won their Junior National Championships twice and after her successes she is a favourite at the women’s pinweight (46kg) in Dubai. Ganieva stopped United Arab Emirates’ 16-year-old Jawahir Gharib Morad in the semi-final and met with India’s quick Muskan for the title. The Indian proved that she is a top talent and she was highly competitive for Ganieva in the first round of their final. The Uzbek girl used her speed well enough in the second and third rounds and she was able to win her first major international title.  

Uzbekistan’s second female gold medal was acquired by Shakhina Nematova

Uzbekistan’s two-time Junior National Champion Shakhina Nematova eliminated her tough Indian opponent in the semi-finals of the flyweight (50kg) and met for the gold medal with Kazakhstan’s Yengilik Bostybayeva. Nematova had the advantage in speed and technical skills therefore she was better in the first exchanges of their final. The 16-year-old Uzbek landed a tough shot in the first round and the Ukrainian referee counted the Kazakh youngster. Bostybayeva had a second standing count in the next period but she was fit enough to fight until the last gong in a final which was dominated by Nematova.

Kazakhstan’s Viktoriya Baidukova proved one of the best performances among the junior girls today

Kazakhstan’s new sensation, Viktoriya Baidukova eliminated Tajikistan’s Bibijon Muzafarova in the semi-finals of the bantamweight (54kg) and she boxed for the gold medal with Uzbekistan’s two-time Junior National Champion Guldana Tileubergenova. The Kazakh southpaw used her distance well in the first round against the Uzbek who came from the Karakalpakstan region. Baidukova had excellent footwork, she knew everything about boxing and proved a world class performance today against an experienced rival. The final verdict was unanimous decision by Baidukova who earned Kazakhstan’s first female title in Dubai. Kazakhstan’s next finalist Ulzhan Sarsenbek earned their second woman title at the featherweight (57kg) following her success over India’s Aanchal Saini.

India’s Nikita Chand is the youngest winner of the day

India’s Nikita Chand is the youngest boxer of their whole delegation who will be turning to 15 only in December but she advanced to the final of the lightweight (60kg). The Uttarakhand region’s boxer was stronger than Kazakhstan’s Assem Tanatar despite of her age of 14 and won the title of the lightweight (60kg). Her teammate, Mahi Raghav won already national events in 2019 and she had the experiences to control most of her final at the light welterweight (63kg) against Aigerim Kabdolda. The final verdict was split decision in the favour of Mahi Raghav who delivered India’s sixth title in the ninth competition day.

Zhanabayeva and 15-year-old Toirova controlled their finals

Kazakhstan’s Junior National Champion Aruzhan Zhanabayeva eliminated Mongolia’s Davaa Gerelsaikhan in the semi-finals of the welterweight (66kg) and she continued her winning path in Dubai. Zhanabayeva controlled her final over a younger opponent, Uzbekistan’s 15-year-old Sanobar Bozorboyeva today. The next female title of the competition was achieved by one of the youngest team members of the Uzbek delegation, Oysha Toirova who won their last two junior national titles. The 15-year-old light middleweight (70kg) boxer earned Uzbekistan’s third gold medal in the female part of the competition.

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