CIS Uzbeks visiting Vasto: embraces of Criscis and Zeytulayev

Perspective views to try to build a successful project. The basics are all there, for confirmation, ask twenty Uzbek guys who were present in Vasto these days.

Starting with education for the purpose of educating men and women of tomorrow, from Cambridge International School (CIS) Uzbekistan, twenty boys aged from thirteen to seventeen have been getting acquainted with Abruzzo since July 2 last year, but first of all with the city of Vasto. The first experience away from home, organized by Gaetano Crischi, a vastese manager who has been living and working in Kazakhstan since 2013. He got acquainted with the Cambridge International School thanks to his daughter, who lives with him, and synergy began from there, which pushed him to implement a rather ambitious project.

"We are on a zero trip," said manager Kriski, "for these magnificent Uzbek children from Cambridge International School, who know our beautiful territory these days, but at the same time come into contact with important realities at the working level. We have to stop crying and look away, I firmly believe in this project, said those present Annunzio University, Confindustria (Chieti Pescara), the Port Authority of Ortona and the Art Gallery 800. I thank my friends and entrepreneurs, such as Emidio Salvatorelli, Gianni Petro, Piero Marchesani and the Altieri brothers, who have opened the doors of their companies to me these days, giving us great support. Not only them, we travel around Abruzzo far and wide to introduce these guys to the excellence of our region, companies of the highest level, Abruzzo offers so much, in terms of entrepreneurship, as well as food and paradisiacal landscapes"

The basis of the seventeen days of the Uzbek group is extensive: "for many years I have been living far from my city for work," explains Criscis, "but I have an insane love for him. There is nothing missing here, maybe the vast people should have more faith in what they have. I organized this tour without asking anyone, but when we return to Uzbekistan, there will be many rich people who will be able to find out about it through videos and much more. The fact that with the Uzbeks is the second experience after 2015 with the Kazakhs, I firmly believe in the potential of this territory, I have a clear goal-to make the Cambridge International School summer Camp center extensive, a task that stimulates me."

In Vasto if you say Uzbekistan it is impossible not to think of the Ilyas Zeytulayev player before and coach now on the field but wonderful person, he hooked the group of Uzbek students by chance: "I was on the beach and from the fields of the lido I listened to some guys who spoke my language, I approached them and we immediately became friends. In the evening they invited me to eat a pizza with them and to return the favor I decided to organize a friendly".

The Uzbek coach, but now vastese by adoption, has received full availability from Virtus Vasto that has opened the doors of the San Paolo field by calling to collect some young boys from the youth sector. Uzbeks in the field of blue clothes, among them in the field also “Zetu", on the other side the young vastesi. Before the kick-off zettulaev wanted to pay homage to the Uzbek group by delivering the red-and-white shirt of Virtus Vasto into the hands of Gaetano Crisci. Then a lot of fun on the field where the goals were not missed. The most important one, however, was scored by the vastese manager, the twenty Uzbeks of the Cambridge International School have known and appreciated Vasto (and Abruzzo), they will tell their experience when they return home in a press conference. For our territory it will be an excellent business card, the hope is that this project can have increasingly solid foundations, Vasto can not miss this opportunity.



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