The match “Kokand-1912”-AGMK will take place in Kokand tomorrow, which will be held as part of the 25th round of the Coca Cola Super League. Before this match, let's get acquainted with the statistics of these teams in the matches between each other.

Games between each other

To date, these teams have met 15 times in the championships of Uzbekistan. In four games, the Kokand team won. In nine meetings, Almaty residents went hand in hand. In two matches, the name of the winner is not determined.

The ratio of balls is 26-18 in favor of UMMC. In the matches between themselves, Kokand-1912 scored 14 points. UMMC has 29 points on its account.

The last five meetings in Kokand:

26.10.2020 "Kokand-1912"- AGMK-1:0

23.11.2019 "Kokand-1912" - AGMK-1:3

03.10. 2018 "Kokand-1912" - AGMK-1:2

18. 07. 2018 "Kokand-1912" - AGMK-3:0

25.11.2017 "Kokand-1912" - AGMK-1:2

Fact: no draw result has ever been recorded at meetings in Kokand.

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