Peter Wistra: I am proud of the team and confident performance of the players

- Today was a tense match, corresponding to the cup game. We started the game well, creating scoring chances in the first minutes. But after the red card, they made only one mistake. Bunyodkor took advantage of this mistake. Most of the game was controlled by our team, which seemed to be higher. Having compared the score, we returned to the game. Our players played well. Having won the penalty shootout, we achieved good luck. I was satisfied with the team's performance.

The match started very well. I have no complaints about the offensive line players. But after the card, we needed to make changes. Boyan Matich acted well, took part in the team game. Also, in the penalty shootout, he shot coolly and scored a goal. This is a very important quality. I was proud that in a difficult moment all the players acted calmly.

Our players are in good physical shape. We played a high-quality match with Lokomotiv. In 3 days, Dragan Cheran and Sherzod Azamov will not be able to help us. We are waiting for a decision regarding them. We like to play against strong teams. I can say that we are ready for the upcoming games.

I like the style of game management of this referee. A good judge, he made today's decisions through the VAR system. You can always argue about refereeing. But the referee of today's game repeatedly reviewed the moments, and then drew conclusions, we have no objections here.

We have prepared a penalty shootout plan. But by the end of the game, the selected players had changed. There were substitutions, received 2 red cards. I made the final decision myself. I knew those players who stayed after training and worked on punching penalties, so I made a priority list.

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