Uzbekistan Cup. Information you should know about the game

In order to play in the final of the Uzbek Cup for the 17th time in its history, "Pakhtakor" will need to defeat "Bunyodkor" in the semifinals.

Pakhtakor and Bunyodkor are the most successful teams in the Cup. Together, they have 17 main prizes and 25 finals on their account. It shows how interesting this semi-final will be. The Lions have played in the Cup finals 16 times, winning 13 of them. The Swallows won 4 out of 9 finals.

The teams met each other in 7 matches within the Cup. Pakhtakor won 2 matches, Bunyodkor won 4, and a draw was recorded in one meeting. Pakhtakor scored 6 goals and conceded 11 goals.

There are no players who can miss the game due to the disqualification of one of the teams.

The game starts on Wednesday, November 24, at 17:30 at the Pakhtakor Stadium.

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