Viktor Kumikov: "today we had no right to make a mistake"

In the second part of the press conference after the match of the 25th round of the Coca-Cola Super League “Andijan” - “Navbahor” (1:2), the head coach of the host team Viktor Kumikov shared his opinion about the game.

- We had no right to make mistakes in today's game. Holding the defense firmly, we had to expect an opportunity to attack, organize pressure on the enemy. The only mistake in defense and the removal of one of our players decided the fate of the match.

- To what extent was the opponent studied before the game?

- We study all the opponents. Performing skills are also necessary, it is not enough just to study the opponent. In general, the situation could have been different if we hadn't got lost in the scheme in which the same corner kick was executed. One of our defenders missed the ball, and the other lost sight of the opponent. And this influenced the fate of the game. Later there was only a chance of a draw, but after the removal the situation became even more confusing. In fact, our players did not show the game as expected, increased aggressiveness was required in the derby against Navbahor. But as you can see, we couldn't play the way we needed to. In our game plans, we were unable to fulfill what we told the players on the field.


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