Why is Mourinho dissatisfied after the victory?

The head coach of "Roma" Jose Mourinho made his comments after the victory over "Udinese" in the fifth round of the Serie A with a score of 1: 0 and expressed dissatisfaction with the removal of the team captain Lorenzo Pellegrini from the field.

"After the defeat the next game is always more difficult on an emotional level.
I think the first 35 minutes we showed our best quality football in this season. We completely controlled the game against an opponent with a very well-organized defense. We scored, we could have scored more. After the break, we stopped controlling the game, but we still showed team football. In the most difficult moment of the match, we maintained unity, did not leave free zones and moved the ball away from our goal. It was a tough match, but good in quality.

Removing Pellegrini? I do not know the legal mechanisms in Italian football, but if we can appeal, we should try. I doubt very much that anyone can say that it was a well-deserved second yellow card. If there is a way to appeal to this removal, then we should do it and let him play on Sunday." Mourinho said.

The team's captain, Lorenzo Pellegrini, was taken out of the game as he received a warning twice. He may miss the match against the Rome derby "Lazio" in the sixth round.

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