Andriy Mischenko: "Mirjalol Kasimov is a very strong person"

The club AGMK, which is preparing for the new season, has already made a number of transfers. Among them is 31-year-old Ukrainian defender Andriy Mischenko. The player spent 2021 in the Tajik club FC Istiklol and participated in the Asian Champions League with the team.

Mischenko's career includes Girnik-Sport, Stal, Olympik Donets, Chernomorets, Israel's Maccabi and Hapoel, Russia's SKA-Khabarovsk. The Ukrainian legionnaire gave his first interview to since becoming a member of FC AGMK.  

- FC AGMK is a new club for you. How did you accept this offer and what were your first impressions?

- I was well received at the club. I feel the full support of my teammates. This is a very good situation. My feelings are only positive. For me, this is a new chapter in my career. In addition, I had a great opportunity to learn a lot about the new country and the new championship.

- In general, where does the choice of FC AGMK come from?

- My agent called and said that FC AGMK was interested in my help.


- What do you know about the head coach of the team Mirjalol Kasimov?

- I am well aware of Mirjalol Kasimov's football career and now his coaching career. Wherever he played, he was always in the lead and made a very good impression as a coach. He is a very strong person.

- Tell me, does your new club have any players you know?

- Yeah, there are football players I know well. They are Sanjar Tursunov and Alexander Kasyan.

- Sanjar Tursunov also played in the Ukrainian championship. Is that why you know him so well?

- Yes, that's right. Our roads have crossed several football fields.

- Last year you played for FC Istiklol in Tajikistan. How was your work there and why did you leave?

- Last year, the season at FC Istiqlol was very good. I can easily write this as a positive period in my career. My contract with the club has expired. I did not want to extend it. The reason for this decision was that I came to the conclusion that the contract should be taken one step further in my work.


- Istiklol's performance in the Asian Champions League is like a fairy tale. In particular, will defeating an opponent like Al-Hilal by wide score be a unique game in your career?

- Probably, it is like a fairy tale of FC Istiklol. We did our best on the field to record such a result. The victory over Al-Hilal took place not only in the hearts of footballers but also in the hearts of all Tajik fans.

- Do you think that your participation in the championship of Uzbekistan is a step forward in your career?

- Of course, this is a high-level championship. That's why I was attracted by the fact that several clubs are fighting for the championship crown.

- Were there any aspects of the FC AGMK team that surprised you?

- I hope you won't be offended if I leave your question unanswered.

- By the way, did you have any other offers?

- Yes, I had others. But I chose FC AGMK and did the right thing.


- Which strikers are dangerous for you in the championship of Uzbekistan? Do you know about our strikers in general?

- I can't say anything right now. I can answer this question in terms of our level of preparation for the start of the championship.

- So, what was your goal when you came to FC AGMK?

- I want to finish every game with a victory.

- Do you think that AGMK will be able to fight for the championship in the new season?

- We will act diligently. Because it is a unique aspect that inspires a person.


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