Did Spartak come out with an offer? How many years did he extend his contract with the club? Which championship do you want to go to next? What does Uzbek legionnaire, who “disturbed” the scouts, say?

Ibrahimkhalil Yuldashev, who has been making great impressions in the Russian championship, is attracting a lot of attention. This is, of course, due to his games at FC Nizhny Novgorod.

In fact, it is very difficult for wing-backs to play as a legionnaire, especially in the Russian championship. Nevertheless, we are pleased that this Uzbek winger is proving in every game that he deserves a championship like Russia.

In FC Nizhny Novgorod, we see that he has a stable place in the starting lineup and is gaining the trust of coaches. That's probably why the Russian media is now reporting on Yuldashev. In other words, he can change the club, FC Spartak is seriously interested, and all this information has not left us indifferent. But how true were such reports? We preferred to get clear information from our player himself rather than listening to the opinions of others. To this end, Sports.uz correspondent contacted Ibrahimkhalil to clarify the situation. In turn, the Uzbek legionnaire said:

I didn't know if there was an offer from FC Spartak. I also saw this post on some social media. I saw that they were wearing Spartak uniforms, and this also caused rumors. I repeat: I know nothing about it. I think it’s a dry rumor. In my opinion, people must have made such rumors because I scored against FC Spartak in the championship match.


Everything is clear: FC Spartak did not make an official offer to the player. Whether verbally interested or not is another matter now. As he himself said, the "red-and-whites" occupied the gate, and perhaps this situation attracted the attention of many. In addition, in March, Yuldashev was recognized as the best player in his club. After such praise, it is natural that there will be clubs preparing an offer for him, in fact. Maybe other teams are seriously interested in our legionnaire. Frankly, we also paid attention to this issue and listened to Ibrahimkhalil’s opinion for this.

"To be honest, it's hard to say. Of course, I can’t say my agent won’t tell me if I have offers like this. When the offer of the club I am interested in is serious, 100 percent accurate, and can tell me a month or two before I move somewhere. But he doesn’t open his mouth about dry talk. That is, it does not say that there are interests from here or there. If it's a simple offer, it doesn't say anything. "

Yuldashev was right on the one hand. Because they don’t look for dry interests. In addition, the club FC Nizhny Novgorod does not want to let go of Uzbek legionnaire easily. Uzbek player initially signed a contract with this team until 2023. It turned out that the Uzbek defender came out great and gradually began to spread various rumors. Probably because of this, the management of "Nizhny Novgorod" began to extend the contract by renegotiating with Ibrahimkhalil, and in the end the club achieved its goal.


Yes, I recently extended my contract with FC Nizhny Novgorod. The term of the agreement is 3 years. I am happy to have signed a new contract with the team,” - Yuldashev.

Now even if someone comes up with a serious offer, they have to buy it for good money. But in time, we hope he makes his way to one of the stronger championships. The main thing is that Yuldashev is growing as a player. Our compatriot also spoke about which championship he would like to try more.  

At the moment I am focusing on Nizhny Novgorod. Here I want to show myself better and increase my experience. As for me, I want to try my hand at strong European championships, for example, in Spain. I hope that, God willing, I will achieve this goal."


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