Interesting facts about the World Weightlifting Championships in Heraklion

More than 300 young weightlifting stars from 62 countries took part in the competitions, our compatriots performed well, winning 5 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals. 

Of the 6 athletes of the national team of Uzbekistan who participated in the competitions, 5 won awards. 


-55 kg: Jamila Panfilova (2 bronze medals)

-73 kg: Ogabek Tukhtaev (4th place)

-89 kg: Khodjiakbar Olimov (1 silver)

-102 kg: Sharofiddin Amriddinov (2 gold, 1 silver)

-87 kg: Tursunoy Jabborova (3 gold)

+109 kg: Mirkhosil Mirzaboyev (3 silver)


This result allowed the delegation of Uzbekistan to take third place in the team competition among 62 countries of the world.

Records. During the competition, 4 athletes managed to set 5 world records among young people. Ukrainian Bogdan Khoza in the snatch in the weight category up to 109 kg first updated the previous record by 191 kg, and in the subsequent performance was able to update and improve his result by 195 kg. As a rule, both performances are recorded as a new record. 

All world records updated at the World Cup: 


-61 kg: Hampton Morris (USA) – 160 kg (new record), push;

-73 kg: Rizki Juniansyah (Indonesia) – 156 kg, snatch;

-109 kg: Bogdan Khoza (Ukraine) – 191 kg, jerk;

-109 kg: Bogdan Khoza (Ukraine) – 195 kg, jerk; 

+109 kg: Alirizo Yusufi (Iran) – 239 kg, push.


The best of the best. In weightlifting, the best athletes are determined taking into account the ratio of the indicator recorded in each weight to the standards of the weight category and several similar areas. The best athlete of the competition in this regard was recognized by the Belgian Nina Sterkh, who performed in the weight up to 55 kg among girls, and in the category of boys -Bogdan Khoza, the author of two world records. 

Thus, the world championship in Heraklion recorded the highest results in the history of world weightlifting. The national team of Uzbekistan will return home on the night of May 12 at 01:05 on the route Istanbul-Tashkent.


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