Muzaffar Rajabov has started a great project. A big MMA hall is being built in Bukhara

WTKF champion Muzaffar Rajabov, one of the living legends of Uzbekistan, known as the "Bukhara Tiger", who has been defending the honor of our Uzbekistan in international tournaments for almost 20 years, is well known not only in Uzbekistan but also abroad. It is known that he is not only skilled fighter, but also good coach. More precisely, he is the founder of the Amir Temur Club, which has its own fame in Uzbekistan. In this club, many young people are learning the secrets of martial arts under the direct leadership of Muzaffar Rajabov, and have achieved a number of successes. As it turned out, Rajaboy is building a gym in Bukhara that would meet world standards and specialize in all-round martial arts. We contacted and and asked about gym construction and related information.

- We have started a big project. Hopefully, this hall under construction will be the only one in Central Asia. In another 10 days, our complex will be fully erected. In our new gym, our young people will have the opportunity to practice martial arts. They have fire in their eyes and we support children with high aspirations in every way. We will have everything for free. With this work, we intend to make a small contribution to the development of sports in Uzbekistan. In addition, I would like to invite MMA teams from all Central Asian countries to the training camp, if everything goes well and we move to a normal lifestyle. Of course, I think this will motivate our young fighters to develop their own tourism as well as improve their skills. The hotel, the food in general, is all by our side. They only deal with the ticket issue. So the plans are huge. We have already taken the first steps in this regard and I think everything will look as we dreamed.


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