The former FC Pakhtakor coach said that FC Nasaf was the favorite in the final. The reason is ...

This year's championship will come to an end through the final of the Uzbekistan Cup in Samarkand. FC Pakhtakor and FC Nasaf will have a serious fight. It is true that this game is very interesting for many people. It is clear that someone will win. Only after the match, we will know which club it will be.

Murod Ismailov, who worked for FC Pakhtakor for several years and was the head coach, shared his views on the team's chances before the final.

Before the match

- Coming from the real sports trends, after the championship FC Pakhtakor is in a good mood. They have no pressure. That's why he plays comfortably and calmly on the field. FC Pakhtakor can play well when they play calmly. As for FC Nasaf, the club lost the prizes. To play in the Asian Champions League, you have to win the Cup, right? They have no way back. Naturally, the pressure on FC Nasaf will be great. If FC Nasaf can overcome that pressure in the final, the team's game should be more interesting. Just like I said, he has to overcome the pressure. I really like Nasaf's game. The match will take place in Samarkand, a neutral venue for both teams. I think more fans will come from Karshi. Their support could also have a positive effect on FC Nasaf. If we wish good luck to both teams, we will only wait for beautiful football. Personally, I also look forward to beautiful football. For example, yesterday FC Olympic played with FC Mashal. I like FC Olympics. I don't care about the result, I just like football. I look at the movement of the players playing on the field. FC Olympic won in a decent way. We look forward to the same game in the final in Samarkand. The result is the clubs themselves. And as experts and fans, we want to enjoy beautiful football.


Is FC Pakhtakor the favorite in the final?

- No, I think Nasaf is the favorite. Why, because they need more victory. As I said, FC Pakhtakor became the champion and I remember the ball. In this case, the club can play. But if left unchecked, problems can arise. FC Nasaf needs the victory as water and air. At the moment, FC Nasaf deserves the win. The team's home is great. True, FC Pakhtakor also plays well. But I like the house of opposition more. I do not want to underestimate the potential of FC Pakhtakor. I'm just expressing my opinion and I'm in favor of beautiful football. On the other hand, if FC Nasaf wins, the number of Uzbek clubs participating in the Asian Champions League will increase. In this sense, I consider FC Nasaf a favorite. Playing with foreign clubs is a great experience for our young players.

What score can be in the game?

- A lot depends on the condition of the teams in the final. In my opinion, no matter which team wins, there can be two main differences. I do not like to preach. But that is the power of the community. Both clubs play an attacking game. This means that there may be gaps and problems in the lines of defense. Both clubs also have players who can take advantage of standard situations.


Which club is most affected by the absence of Cheran and Stanovich?

- Dragan Cheran from FC Pakhtakor and Marko Stanoevich from FC Nasaf will not play in the final. To be honest, this is more detrimental to FC Nasaf. I knew that Cheran was not there, I didn't know that he wouldn't play Stanoevich either. Marco had some great passes and shots. Of course, Ruzikul Berdiyev must be preparing differently now. Of course, Stanoevich's absence is known. Cheran was "locked up" in some house and did not leave the house at all. If he is given some free space, he will do what he does. It should be a good game anyway.

A team that overcomes difficulties

- At the beginning of the year, the composition of FC Nasaf was almost disbanded. When we asked them to play a friendly match in the winter, the head coach said, “Murod, our problems are not solved yet. Even going to Tashkent is a problem". At that time, there were questions about what FC Nasaf would look like this year. They also started training much later than other teams. Nevertheless, the community was formed at a young age and in exchange for the system. He did not miss the season. He even reached the AFC Cup final. It is necessary to admire it. Of course, this is also to be acknowledged. The club is showing its will.

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