The "Student Coca-Cola Cup" will be held among the students

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, AFU and PFLUz together with Coca-Cola company organize a mini-football tournament "Coca-Cola Student Cup" among students of higher educational institutions under the motto "We are the youth of the new Uzbekistan". 116 universities and institutes of the country will take part in the upcoming tournament.

The tournament is held in two stages. First, the teams will participate at the regional level. In total, 13 teams from the regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan – the winners of the regional stage - will take part in the final stage of the Student Cup in Tashkent. Teams from 42 universities of the capital will compete for the remaining 3 vouchers. The matches of the regional stage are scheduled for May 13-21.



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