Weightlifter Akbar Djuraev brings second gold medal for Uzbekistan National Olympic team

Uzbek weightlifter Akbar Djuraev became the surprise gold medal winner in the 109 kilogram category, as well as breaking the Olympic record after lifting a total of 430 kilograms, unattainable even for Armenian Simon Martirosyan at the Olympics Tokyo 2020.

In the 'snatch' stage, Djuraev managed to lift 193kg, being surpassed by Martirosyan's Olympic record who lifted 195kg, however, the difference in favor of the Uzbekistan weightlifter came in the 'Clean & Jerk'.

For the second stage of the test, Djuraev set the Olympic record lifting 237kg, which he was worth to surprise the world and become a new Olympic champion, since his Armenian rival could only lift 228kg, for a total of 423kg, winning the medal silver.

The bronze went to the Latvian weightlifter Arturs Plesnieks who lifted a total weight of 410 kg after the two stages of the test held in Tokyo 2020.

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