What other Uzbek fighters could compete in the UFC? The experts responded

Getting the attention of the most famous UFC promotion in the MMA will not be the same. Of course, this promotion brought together the strongest fighters in the world. It is even more gratifying that Uzbek fighters are among them. Yes, in the UFC today, three of the Uzbeks are fighting under this promotion. In particular, Makhmud Muradov was in this promotion and won all three fights. Zarrukh Adashev started with a bit of a failure. You also know that Liliya Shakirova's debut was unsuccessful. Of course, the defeats also have their own reasons, and we think that the subsequent activities of all three will continue successfully.

We did not talk about it in vain. The reason is that today we asked the experts a question about who to add to the ranks of three other fighters who can prove themselves in the UFC promotion in addition to the above.

Jakhongir Karabaev - Coach

- There are many such fighters. If we talk about the trio, I can mention Muzaffar Radjabov, Akhliddin Mirzadavlatov and Avliyokhon Hamidov.

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Otabek Musaev - Chairman of the Board of Judges of the MMA Association of Uzbekistan

- I would appreciate the potential of Jakhongir Jumaev, Olim Normuradov and Avliyokhon Hamidov.

Farrukh Madaminov - Coach

- We have a lot of athletes. Granted, I’m in no hurry to say they can be a UFC champion. But it will not disappear. There are strong fighters in each of our provinces and that is why the competition is gradually intensifying and good level fighters are emerging. I don’t want to offend anyone. However, Nursultan Ruzibaev, Akhliddin Mirzadavlatov and Avliyokhon Hamidov can still find their place in this promotion. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

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Khojiakbar Khakimov - Chairman of the Tashkent city branch of the K-1 Federation of Uzbekistan

- I would say Avliyokhon Hamidov and Nursultan Ruzibaev. I think the rest need some experience…

Nurali Bakirdinov - Former athlete (the first Uzbek fighter in the promotion of ACB and Alash Pride)

- Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this. In my opinion, Amin Ergashev, Sirojiddin Eshonbaev and Akhliddin Mirzadavlatov can also show themselves in this promotion.

Sukhrob Ruzimatov - Secretary General of the K-1 Federation of Uzbekistan

- I can mention Bobur Tagiev, Mavlud Tifiev and Anvar Boynazarov. True, these are mostly in the professional direction of muaythai as well as fighting in K-1. Anvar started his career in MMA. I think Babur and Mavlud will reach their potential even if they have not yet fought in this direction.

Sardor Rakhimov - Journalist

- Fighting in the UFC is not the same. However, the skills of Jakhongir Jumaev, Nursultan Ruzibaev and Azamat Nuftillaev will be enough to work in this promotion.

Ака сардор

Farrukh Mukhiddinov - Blogger

- Strong Uzbek fighters can be found as much as they want. However, among them Nursultan Ruzibaev, Avliyokhon Hamidov and Jakhongir Jumaev will have a good fight in this promotion. Of course, this is my personal opinion!

Jasur Alijonov - Coach

- Today I can say Nursultan Ruzibaev. If lucky, the rest will ripen in the next 1-2 years.

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