Finally, the good news for everyone was that the PFL also allowed clubs to conduct training in full compliance with quarantine regulations. That's why most teams have started training camps. Starting the season with very unsatisfactory results, losing in all three of the first three games and not yet scoring a goal, "Bukhara" also started training last day with the official permission of the PFL. But there is another side to the issue. The fact is that the head coach of the team from Tajikistan Muhsin Muhammadiev and his assistant left for Moscow after the quarantine was declared in our country. Therefore, the team is currently training under the guidance of assistant coach Mirislom Hasanov.

 Muhammadiev's return is still under question. In addition, the team's legionnaires have gone home. Therefore, it is still unknown when they will return. When contacted by the leadership of the club "Bukhara", they said that the necessary work is being done to return the coaches and legionnaires. Still, he is in constant contact with the head coach. In addition, trainings are being held in consultation with Muhsin Muslimovich.
Bukhara hosted Andijan, led by Viktor Kumikov, in the fourth match round. In fact, it is known that this meeting would determine the future of Muhammadiev. Because after three games lost so far, it became clear that the head coach was given another chance.

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