Dior Turopov about leaving FC Lokomotiv: "I decided to join a team that will compete for prizes"

Dior Turopov was one of the players with high potential in FC Lokomotiv, Tashkent. The midfielder, who will turn 28 years old on July 9, has adequately defended the team's honor for several seasons.

Undoubtedly, he became one of the important players on his team. In the first round, he played in 9 matches in the Super League, played almost all the matches and scored two goals against the opponents. His team won the matches in which he scored.

In addition, he played in three matches in the Uzbekistan Cup group stage. In short, Dior had his place. We knew there were always offers for such a player. When we spoke with him near the end of the first round, he said that he would make a decision when the summer transfer window opened.

The head coach of the club Denys Korostichenko said yesterday that Turopov left FC Lokomotiv and moved to FC Navbahor. After that, we contacted the player himself to clarify the situation.

- Diorbek, first of all, I would like to ask about FC Lokomotiv's participation in the first round. The result was not as expected. Do you think the team is underpowered or...

- Speaking about the participation of FC Lokomotiv in the first round, I would not say that the team played only poorly in their matches. There were times when they played well. There was no consistency in the games. Weaknesses were evident at the end of the attacks. The result was the same.


- After the first round, you decided to leave the club. Did you plan it in advance or happen out of the blue?

- The reason for this is that I decided to move to a team that will fight for the prizes.

- You played for Lokomotiv for so many years. What have you gained and lost here in the past time?

- You know, I have achieved many things during my career in FC Lokomotiv. I can say the most important of them is the period when the team won the championship. I felt how exciting it would be to be a champion.


- Why did you choose FC Navbahor among the offers? For example, were there options outside?

- This year's championship is more intense than the other years. I wanted to participate in this intrigue and chose FC Navbahor. This team has enough opportunities to become a champion. It is going well in the standings.

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- By the way, don't you want to achieve something with Loko?

- Honestly, yes. I didn't expect Lokomotiv to compete for prizes in this year's championship, but time will tell if Loko will come to its senses later.

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- Competition is intense in FC Navbahor. It takes more effort and hard work to reach your place. Are you ready for everything?

- I like competition. I have always been ready for this and I have enough opportunities. The main thing is that I want to contribute to the success of my team and become a champion.


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