FC Nasaf net three times to beat FC Pakhtakor in Karshi

FC Nasaf strengthened their grip on the second position with a 4-0 victory over the current champions FC Pakhtakor in Wednesday's Super League fixture at the Karshi Central Stadium.

After a relatively quiet opening, FC Nasaf's Sharof Muhitdinov netted a goal from a long range into the far bottom corner, while Eldor Suyunov was unable to block the shot.

After the restart, Islom Kenjaboev provides an absolutely sublime ball into the path of Marko Stanojevic, who has gotten in behind the defence. The Serbian's first touch takes the ball back of the net.

FC Pakhtakor had their moments, but they were few and far between as Akmal Mozgovoy powered a header to make it 3-0 for FC Nasaf.


  • Шароф Муҳитдинов 6'
  • Марко Станоевич 56'
  • Акмал Мозговой 67'

Суперлига 24-тур

25/11/2020 13:00



    Стадион: "Марказий" стадион. Қарши, 1454 томошабин

    Бош ҳакам: Шавкат Насибуллаев


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