Jafar Irismetov: "If the contract is signed, you will know everything"

The reigning champion of Uzbekistan, FC Pakhtakor, along with other participants of the Super League, is preparing for the new season. First of all, we are interested in the issue of the head coach. Because this topic is not closed yet, it is open.

Earlier, the club's officials said that in the new season, they have expressed confidence in Peter Huistra, and in this regard, the management supports him. However, his fate at the club has not yet been decided. This is a concern for the fans of the team. There are also rumors that a new contract has not been signed with Huistra. Now it is clear that FC Pakhtakor will work with Huistra or bring another. Sports director of the club Jafar Irismetov commented on this issue.

"There are rumors that we have not yet reached an agreement with head coach Peter Huistra. So far, it is difficult to say anything about the new coach. If the contract is signed, you will know everything. Until then, I can't say anything definite about the coach. "


Yes, from these words of Irismetov, it is possible that a new coach will start working at FC Pakhtakor. You also know that community leaders are leaving. In particular, the farewell of two central defenders - Anzur Ismoilov and Egor Krimets - to FC Pakhtakor could be a serious loss. Because they had a lot of experience. Now the club has to replace them. For his part, Irismetov also commented on the departure of defenders. 

"As you know, Anzur Ismoilov and Egor Krimets left our team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their work for our community. These players made a significant contribution to FC Pakhtakor's victory. But football is like that, and one day the things will change. Pakhtakor football club would like to thank both Ismoilov and Krimets. Personally, I wish him success in his future endeavors. "


As for the club's winter schedule, as we reported, the training will start on January 8. Of course, preparations are being made in Turkey as well. Interestingly, FC Pakhtakor will take part in friendly matches against Dynamo. On February 10, Dynamo Moscow, and 5 days later, Dynamo Tbilisi, and on the 19th, Kiev's Dynamo will play against FC Pakhtakor. Jafar Irismetov also spoke about the training schedule.  
"We will gather on January 8, first to take a test for the coronavirus, and then we will start training. According to our schedule, we will train in Tashkent until February 5. Because 8 of our players have been called up to the national team. When they return to the club on February 3, we will leave on the 5th. We will hold a meeting in Antalya, Turkey. We have chosen a hotel that we like, there are wonderful areas. Conditions are in place. As you can see, our sparring rivals in Antalya are also strong. We did not choose them in vain. In such a preparation, it is important to examine what we are capable of. Where are our shortcomings, in what position should we strengthen? Because Pakhtakor plays in the Asian Champions League. Despite the fact that our team has been slightly rejuvenated, we have added Mirjahon Mirahmadov to our ranks. He is one of the youngest and most talented strikers. We have no intention of stopping us. We still have problematic lines. At the moment, we are negotiating with some players. In the near future, we will try to bring in new players who will strengthen our team. We still focus on young people.

In fact, there are rumors that Pakhtakor is struggling financially. We asked Irismetov whether this was true or false.

"To be honest, the club has not had any financial difficulties. Despite a slight reduction in our budget, we still retain 80% of our players. I think everything will be fine, ”said the club's sports director.


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