Alisher Jalilov: "Our conversation with Mirjalol Kasimov will play an important role in my agreement with Uzbekistan"

FC AGMK announced the transfer of Tajik footballer Alisher Jalilov.

We knew this player before and we watched his game. In a word, a good footballer. In particular, he took the real lead in the national team of Tajikistan and the club FC Istiklol. That is why he is one of the most famous football players in his country.

The 29-year-old playmaker has played for Russian clubs this year. In particular, he played for teams such as Rubin, Neftekhimik, Baltika. In 2019, he returned home and joined FC Istiklol.

Now it is safe to say that FC AGMK has opened a new page in the activities of Alisher Jalilov. The Tajik legionnaire gave his first interview to after officially becoming a member of the team.

- Alisher, congratulations on reaching an agreement with FC AGMK. Who invited you to the club? In general, what is the main reason for joining this team?

- Thank you for your congratulations. I was invited to the club by the head coach of AGMK Mirjalol Kasimov and Bakhodir Mirzaev. They wanted me to play in that team.


- Tell me, were you planning to leave FC Istiklol or did it happen all of a sudden?

- No, to be honest, I never thought I would leave Istiklol. In addition, I was seriously preparing with the team to prepare for the new season. I thought I would move to this community or not. But the negotiations went on very quickly and I had to make a final decision.

- According to our information, the AGMK club has invited you before. Why didn't you agree at that time?

- After joining Istiklol, I thought that I would not leave the club. Especially after the team won a ticket to the Asian Champions League. The thought of the club's outcome in the AFC Champions League has been on my mind. As you can see, Istiklol played very well in the AFC Champions League. To be honest, we did not expect it.


- You talked to Mirjalol Kasimov. How was the first conversation with him?

- As the most important part of the negotiations, I can say that we talked face to face with the head coach. In this case, the final decision will play an important role in the agreement. I talked to the head coach about my position in the team. As I said above, my conversation with the coach of AGMK played an important role in my agreement with the Uzbekistan team.

- I think that your leaving from the championship of Tajikistan caused a good stir in your country. What would you say to that?

- To be honest, it was not easy for me to make a decision to move to Uzbekistan. But I am a person who loves to accept new challenges and compete. I think that our local fans will accept my decision and look forward to the success of a new stage in my football career. Of course, from time to time I visit my homeland. After all, I also defend the honor of the country in the national team. Because it is a great honor for me to play for the national team. After joining the national team, I will try to play with all my might. I want to continue in this spirit.


- Your compatriot Ehsoni Panjshanbe also came to the Uzbekistan championship and left a good impression. Accordingly, he has his own fans. What can you promise to the FC AGMK fans?

- I try to make the team look positive in each match, playing with maximum force. I promise to work in the club not 100, but 200 percent, to justify the confidence of our fans and make them happy with good results.

- Alisher, what other offers did you have before?

- I had a lot. But I am such a person that I can only say one thing on this issue after referring to the contract. I must add that I do not fly to empty promises, even if those promises make anyone dizzy.


- You are like Odil Akhmedov of Tajikistan. Do you agree?

- Odil Akhmedov has achieved a lot during his football career. And now I'm at the beginning of the road. Moreover, I would not want to be compared to one of the legends of Uzbek football. As I added above, I still have it all in front of me. I hope that during my playing career I will be able to achieve the same results as Odil Akhmedov. I was lucky to meet him twice on the pitch. He played very well with the ball. Indeed, Akhmedov is one of the legends of Uzbek football.



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